If you follow my Instagram you'll know I received one of Enaibi's dolls in my commission batch. She's a 'Mistelle' and is gorgeous! I was so blown away when she arrived, and I feel so lucky to be able to work on one of these dolls. What a rare treat!

She originally came in for a faceup (unfortunately her original faceup by Enaibi has had some damage), but she has been well-loved and her body blushing is wearing off quite badly so I offered to take her apart, clean her and re-blush her. It's not a service I offer but she was just too precious and it seemed a pity to send her home without at least offering.

So we've begun the adventure. I took her apart and now she's all ready to be scrubbed clean. She's a tiny little thing so she was quite fiddly to unstring. Anyway, I filmed it so you can watch! ♥♥♥

Most of the dolls are still packed but they're making their way out their boxes one by one as the weeks roll by. Okay that sounds far more autonomous and creepy than I had intended.

Anyway, third doll out of the box is, Pip, who I think I will re-style and give her a new faceup when I get a chance.


Change of season, change of wig, because why not? I'm actually surprised this fits as I bought for my Lati Yellow but it has quite a bit of stretch to it. It's from Rapunzel Wigs. I think I might get the red haired one now that I know it will fit her. After all, she is supposed to be a redhead! Not sure how all these dolls keep ending up blonde.

We are getting an seasonable amount of rain here is the South. It's been raining almost constantly for the last two days, a mix of feather light drizzle between bouts of torrential downpour.

The backyard is literally a swamp. Now I know I'm living in the swamplands but it's not supposed to start where my patio ends. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't loving how overcast and dreary the world it. An overcast day is like natures softbox for photography.

I was gifted this bag and I have to say it's become my most favourite prop. I just love it! I'm really sad I don't know where it's from.

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