I've always been a huge fan of Iplehouse dolls, the facial sculpting is just so beautiful. I don't often get the opportunity to work on Iplehouse dolls though, especially not the bigger SID and EID versions, so this girl was a real treat.

This is EID Iplehouse Jessica.

She's finally back together and I'm able to see how she looks with her eyes in! I think my favourite set are the ghost/zombie eyes. I did keep one set of her original wheat coloured eyes too.

She may end up with purple hair at some point and she still needs proper costuming and lashes, but for now she is finished!

Well it's only taken maybe eight months but I think I'm just about ready to put this girl back together! It's been so long since I took her apart that I've forgotten where all her screws and bits have gone, and I've also forgotten how the eye mech goes back together, plus, her leg fell off! So many adventures :P

Can't wait to share photo-day with you when I get her finished!

 photo BDC02.jpg

This is a quick video to show you how I paint BJD eyebrows, and what products I use to do it! You can also view a written tutorial I made a while ago that has some static images too, you can find that {HERE}


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