After what can only be described as an EPIC wait my Rocket and Groot Sideshow collectible figures finally arrived. They came the day before I went on vacation so I had to wait to open them. Anyway, these figures got delayed several times, I think I ordered them back in late August 2014 so it's been about 9 months!

Gestation jokes aside they're pretty awesome and Groot is super amazing! He comes with extra hands, an additional face, plus the baby dancing Groot as well as stick Groot which are of course are perfect props for Rocket.

Anyway, onto the unboxing!

I wanted to share some of the lovely owner's photos of the dolls I've worked on, it's so cool to see them dressed and made complete.

Here is a sneak peek into the Jointed Love flickr group, it's wonderful to see people enjoying their dolls and taking such lovely photos of them. Big hugs and a thank you to everyone who's trusted me enough to commissioned me!

These dolls belong to:

1. Kit Chau 2. Becky 3. Puffypufers
4. FragileExistence  5. Lyntea 6. Anireda
7. Puffypuffers 8. Thegreatkait 9. Lady Kana

I managed to get one set of hands finished! It's a bit of a rush job but at least he feels more complete now, the tattoos were a whim but I like them so I think I'll add some on his forearms too. That will have to wait though as the first of my commissions are rolling in so this boy will have to go on the back burner now.

I'm glad to have him looking passably 'together' before starting commissions though, it would have been sad to have to leave him hanging around too unfinished.

Eventually I'll add some proper ends to the tattoos and probably add some more colour, toning, and texturing.

I started this with the intention of taking progress pics, but I had to keep stopping and starting over several days so I ended up forgetting to set up the camera! Sadly you get only one WIP and then BOOM, done lol. But then again it's probably a blessing in disguise as I had forgotten to set my white balance so he's a funky colour in that WIP shot.

Anyway, nothing very exciting for his faceup, just a regular natural look. I ended up liking the grey mohawk on him so much that I matched his faceup to it. I'm still not sure if he'll keep the mohawk but I've definitely settled on the grey, salt n pepper colouring. Also I still have some of that hair left and might be able to make another wig.

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