April commissions are here!

I won't waffle too much about it as you can find out all the information regarding new commissions and the new price increase {HERE} 

I get a lot of questions about using Vallejo sealant and thought I'd put together a quick video explaining how I use it, and where I buy it.

Hope you find it helpful if you've been thinking of switching from MSC.

UK Stockist: Everything Airbrush

Part two is finally up! It took forever as I got sick and that slowed everything down and it just took a really long time to edit. I've finished the head that came with this torso too, though the torso and head are different coloured resins and aren't supposed to go together I tweaked the photo to make it look like they matched.

The head is a Simply Divine / Stinesculpture "Thomas" head in white skin. I'm not sure if it's Venetian white or Lunar white.

I was messing about dressing the Blythes and got the idea to pop Chuu's head onto one of the Pureneemo bodies and it was basically the cutest thing ever. Her head is being held on in a very risky manner using a mMcgyveresque rubberband+popsicle stick contraption, but it does the job, though she can't look up at all lol.

This isn't a permanent thing of course, this was just for fun, and boy was it lol.


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