Finally! I finished the video. Lots of aimless rambling and such, it's not a tutorial, just a speed paint, but I do try to be helpful lol.  Grab a cup of something delicious and watch me paint!

This guy arrived the other day and he is SO adorable! Quick un-boxing video for you. I got him at JBox but it looks like they've sold out of the Stormtroopers, but they do still have Darth Vader.

One of the dolls here this month is this Kinoko Juice Jill! She is adorable, I actually didn't know that Kinoko had another doll sculpt, but then again there's a lot I don't know about Kinoko dolls. From what I understand they were very rare until recently Kinoko teamed up with Azone to release a vinyl version of Kiki called Kikipop. This girl is one of the original resin dolls though, I'm so lucky to be able to meet her in person!

Anyway, I filmed a quick video where I waffle about random crap and undress her to show you the body and such. Hopefully I'll film the faceup as well for part II.

Dress is by Kuloft and eyes are by Mako.

Just got some great information from Puffy-Puffers (her owner) about Kinoko:
Kinoko Juice is a two person team. They currently have four sculpts. Kiki, Jill, and the two newly released cat girls, Haine and Nia. Each have their own type of body except for Haine and Nia, which share the same cat body. Kiki has a flat chest, and Jill has boobs.

The resin versions are only able to be directly purchased through a lottery system in Japan. You email Kinoko Juice when the lottery entries are open, and the winners will receive an email that they've won and can purchase the doll. The alternative, for those without Japanese address or those not lucky to win the lottery, is to go on Yahoo Japan Auctions and bid on any that pop up. Kiki usually shows up once or twice a month, Jill is rarer. Historically, Kiki's prices used to run about 150,000-230,000 yen, but after the Kikipop released, the prices have dropped greatly from 100,000-150,000 yen. Jill will still run from 150,000-210,000 yen, as she does not have a non-resin release counterpart.
Kiki has two face sculpts, the munyu (:3) face, and hoekuchi face. The munyu face is the version that they sell with Azone as Kikipop, an ABS version instead of resin. They had three releases so far, an exclusive limited release just within Japan, and two normal releases. The most recent release is a fluffy Lolita style.

What is stamped on the butt of Jill is the words Kinoko Juice, in Katakana, which is how they usually write their doll company name everywhere :)
Kiki was released in 2008 and I believe Jill in 2010. Nia and Haine were finished just a few months ago to my knowledge. Kiki has a mushroom in her ear and Jill has a heart in her ear.

And the Makos are moon 13 in 14mm!

For the last few months I've working on making my own resin eyes, if you're a Patreon of mine you will have seen all my failed attempts and have had to listen to me complain about my serious lack of awesome in eye making, but I'm really pleased to finally have arrived at a happy point in the eye making adventures.

There are still lots of issues and they're not quite where I'd like them to be but I feel like I'm actually progressing now. I still have to resculpt the 12mm and 10mm, then work on colours / application and such but here's my latest batch of glitter eyes.

These eyes are mostly 12mm, the teal coloured ones in the first doll picture are 14mm.

The newsletter update for new commissions went out last week, 
if you missed it you can find the info {HERE}.

Due to daylight savings ending Louisiana is now in GMT -6
Commissions will open at 7.00pm GMT -6 on Thursday 5th

In other news, 
Cedar Wood is also up for adoption. 
You can view her listing {HERE}

I took apart my Cadence Majorette this week and got her all ready for her new new life.

I thought I'd share my concept ideas with you, I usually don't because it's such an early stage and things never really stay on track, but I came up with a quick base sheet to sketch on and I thought I'd make it available in case anyone else finds it useful. I'dd add it to the bottom of this post.

I've decided to go with a Dark Crystal theme, I plan to keep her stock scalp so I wanted something a little spooky and dark but in an ethereal way, the Dark Crystal seemed perfect for that. Also it's a childhood favourite of mine!

I carved her lips and nose earlier in the week and I'm mostly pleased with how they've turned out. Of course they could be a lot better and I've got a lot of learning to do but it's a big step forward compared to my first attempt. I actually feel like I might understand how to shape the plastic now. I left her as is though as I'd done some uneven things that I think more carving would not help. But lots of lessons learnt for next time.

I've changed out all of her eye chips, with the exception of the wheat coloured stock chips, I quite like those so I'm not sure if I want to change them or not. It would be nice for her to have one set of 'normal' eyes anyway - though mauve/purple might be a better colour choice. I'll have to decide once she's finished.

Anyway, she has black glitter eyes for darkness, grey zombie eyes for a soulless look (once the skeksis have drained her life energy!), pink ghost eyes to reflect the colour of the crystal, and then the natural wheat eyes for a normal look.  I think the black glitter eyes are my favourites.

Concept sheet, feel free to print it out and test your colours and ideas on it!

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