I have a bright gold masquerade mask, it's just a cheap plastic thing, but it catches the light nicely and has some lovely swirly shapes to it so I thought I'd do some abstract black and white stuff.

I'd love to have one of these in BJD size, wouldn't that be cool? Would be great for my Chicline Chloe, though it would have to be tiny to fit her!

I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone but I thought I'd do a series of posts about faceups, giving a general overview of what I do each time. I'm starting with basic contouring and next week I'll do lips, then after that eyebrows, and so on. Feel free to make suggestions of what you'd like to see!

I always start by contouring the face because it adds dimension and life to the doll. You can create loads of different effects just by changing your colour choices!

Depending on they type of faceup you're after (male/female, happy/sad), you'll probably have to shift your contouring to match so this is just a really basic 'face map' of a neutral expression. I don't even worry about eye-shadow at this point.

Always start with a good clean head and be sure you've got a goodly amount of sealant on it before you start. I use Windsor and Newton brush cleaner to remove facups, and I use Vallejo Matt varnish to seal.

1. Eyebrow to side of the nose - if I'm working on a male sculpt I'll usually always make this area darker then I do on females.

2. Cheeks - though not technically contouring I like to start getting the base colour down now because I'll build it up over several layers. 

3. Tear duct - I always do the outer area in pink and the inner eye area bright red.

4. Tip of the nose - this greatly depends on both the character and the sculpt, generally speaking I like to add a sun kissed touch of colour to the nose, but not so much that the doll looks cold.

5. Philtrum, nose crease, nostrils - I love the way shading here can really bring out the sculpt. 

6. Corners of the mouth - purely personal preference on this one. Sometimes this can really help give a doll a 'happy' feel. 

7. Point of the chin - My mother in law watched me do a faceup and at one point said, "It was looking good but when you put that bit on the chin it really came to life," which pretty much sums it up for me to. 

I made a mohair wig for my modded littlefee Chloe while I was sick and I'm really happy with how it turned out, mostly because it suits her so well. She's finally complete. It's so satisfying when a look works as planned. Some of these dollies are right shifty minxes.

I think I bought this girl in the middle of last year so all considered it's only taken me a year to finish her LOL. I seem to put dolls together with the same speed and alacrity with which glaciers are formed.

Eyes from Eyeco - 11mm "Smoke" Platinum Glass
Top from Jiajiadoll
Jeans unknown
Stool from Nine9Style
Plant from My Craft Garden
Wig and Faceup by me - mohair fibre upcycled from an older wig.

I love miniature foods, they're so delicious looking and calorie free! One of my favourite food sculptors is Cindy Teh, also known as Snowfern. She's a wizard when it comes to food creation, and she also sculpts for 1/4 and 1/3 sized dolls! Finding food for the pukifees is always easy, but getting good eats for the bigger dolls can be a real challenge.

Definitely check out her work if you're in the market for some tasty food items, she has some wonderful tutorials on her blog too, and also takes food commissions! Your doll could literally order a pizza and have it delivered ;)

What was it that drew you towards the world of miniature sculpting? 
I had been a miniature collector for quite some time, but I avoided collecting miniature foods as they always looked fake. Decided to give it a try as it seemed quite a popular thing at the time to make miniature realistic-looking foods out of clay, and it didn't seem too difficult either.

It also meant I could try to make my favourite foods :P

What are your favourite foods to sculpt?
Currently, anything free form or savoury, Japanese foods. It changes rather frequently, depending on my mood or level of obsessiveness.

Are there any foods that you hate to eat, but love to sculpt? 
I don't really have any hated foods (except cilantro), but I also don't love to craft cilantro...so I guess the short answer to this question is "No"? :P

You take custom requests, what's been the most challenging request so far? 
The most challenging requests aren't to do with the process of creating the items, more to do with customer relations. I struggle with a bit of social anxiety, so it takes a lot of time and energy for me to reply emails, comments etc.

(I understand the question is more about the creation being challenging, but all of them are, in their own way. It's just something that 'has to be done' and it's not rocket science, so...sheer perseverance usually settles that. And I never accept requests that I do not think I can fulfill. I understand my limitations XD)

I always get hungry looking at your creations, does your sculpting ever inadvertently influence your dinner choices? 
Haha thank you :) That's the best compliment I can get for my work! Yes, sometimes, if I have never tried the dish before, I would be curious to taste the real thing. But to be very honest, in my mind, I find it hard to imagine the items I make to taste anything other than clay or paint, so in actuality, very rarely does my work influence my palate.

More often than not, it dampens my appetite as many of the materials I work with can get a little noxious smelling (epoxy resin, etc)

What have you made that you are most proud of? 
I don't think I have any particular favourite, because I enjoy the process more than the result, as each time I make an item it feels like an interesting discovery. So one might say every piece is a pleasure to work on :P I do not play favourites! XD

These are a few extra shots from our trip to Pioneer Park in Alaska, an old historical town and museum thing. They had an awesome Salmon Bake that evening which is basically an all you can eat BBQ of salmon, crab, and rib eye steak.

Fabulous food wasn't the only thing I got in Alaska, I also managed to bring home some sort of terrible illness. If only I could take it back and get a refund ;)

I had some crazy shipping drama with this book and for a while there I didn't think I'd ever get it, but in the end it arrived and I'm super happy to finally have it! It's gorgeous of course, lovely thick pages and that wonderful silver gilt edging is very fancy.

It's great to be able to take a peek into Marina's world and read about her experiences and influences, she's such an inspiration.

I had a super quick jaunt to Alaska this weekend and though I was only there for a couple of days I kinda loved it. I wish I had more time to explore, I didn't get to see much, but I guess it's great incentive go back for a proper visit!

Was a great break from the Seattle heat, I know that must sound really daft to those of you familiar with Seattle weather but I'm a winter girl through and though. Anything over 70 is upsetting.

Some pointlessly cute pictures for you today as you can never have too much cute. You know what would be perfect for Mia? The default Warrior Princess wig from the latest Lati release, if they did one in blonde, though the brown would be just as adorable I'm sure. I just love those little braided cones. All in all, I think I just want the fullset Sunny. Too cute.

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