I love wandering around antiques stores, you never know what you might find. This antiques mall we found in Downtown Seattle (Pacific Galleries) had the cutest little stalls, some of them were so perfect I just wanted to copy and paste everything into my house.

I didn't end up bringing anything home with me because I'm trying not to load up on stuff right before we move but there were definitely some touch an go moments. I really wish I'd gotten the typewriter! I love me some weird junk.

I was wandering around in Second Life this and discovered a super adorable place in a Community called Winterfell, it's not got anything specific to do with Game of Thrones it's just a fantasy community. Here's a quote from their in-game page to give you a bit of an idea on what's there:
“Winterfell is a fantasy realm modeled after old world Europe and is graced with deep forests, rolling hills, grand estates, charming towns and many waterways to explore… Winterfell is a fantasy setting welcoming the European architectural styles ranging from the Tudor Period (1500’s) to the Georgian Era (early 1800’s).”
It's very pretty and while I was wondering around I found a Hobbit Hole! I have no idea who owns/created it and no clue how/if you can collect coordinates for places, but it was wonderful. My dream home would be a hobbit hole, and this place was almost perfect, I'd just need a herb garden and some outdoor seating.

Anyway here's a virtual tour of the house!

This girl is finally finished and ready to head out to a new home! I couldn't decide between the magenta wig or the white wig so she is heading out with both!

She is up on the bay as we speak and you can check out her listing {HERE}.

This girl is made from the Dragon/Werewolf "Create A Monster" kit. She has a custom faceup by me, and will come with the following items: 

- White Mohair Wig (skin cap)
- Original magenta Create a Monster wig
- Original green jelly plastic wings
- Original Moon boots
- Handmade Gothic style dress by Jonna Jonzon

As a custom hand painted piece of work she should be treated with care to prevent damage. Please understand that as a custom art work she is not as durable as a standard factory doll and is designed for display and gentle handling. Best suited for adult collectors, not children. 

Some of you might remember that last year I snapped up some Monster High girls to paint, well I'm happy to say that one of them has finally managed to get a face. She is from the Werewolf/Dragon Create A Monster starter set and I've got to say I like it that they come bald! Wigs are so much easier.

Here are a few progress shots from start to finish.

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