If you've ever wanted to know how I paint skin texture and freckles then here is your chance! This is a speedy timelapse of this girl's faceup, although I didn't decide to film it until after I'd already done the eyeliner and lid lines so sadly you don't get to see that bit, but still the majority of it is there.

This girl makes me miss my old pukifee Luna! So cute!

This video was kind of a catastrophe but I'm going to roll with it anyway. I thought I'd film it in real time and chat to you guys for a change seeing as Blythe is sort of still new to me and perhaps new to some of you as well, but I was so focused on trying to set up a voice recorder that I forgot to press record on my camera!

So I only caught some of the unboxing (the part where I didn't talk because I was going to speed up the footage), so I had to go back and show you things in reverse. And in the end I didn't even end up using the audio from the recorder. So much fail.

Anyway, enjoy my awkward chatting and general silliness.

My Blythe faceplate is finally finished! This girl has been an on and off background project for the last six months or so. I've been doing a mix of additive apoxie and carving to get her face done, it's all been mostly experimental as I try to find my feet with Blythe, it's such a steep learning curve for me.

She's definitely not perfect, there are a lot of errors I'd fix regarding her carving/apoxie, but I learnt a lot from doing it and will hopefully be able to improve once my next Blythe arrives. In the end, rather than keep tinkering with her I decided to plough ahead and get her faceup on so I could test the Vallejo sealant I use. I've not worked on Blythe since I switched sealants as I've not been sure how that sealant would work with Blythe plastic. Turns out it's totally fine! So I'm happy about that.

For anyone interested I will be taking faceup commissions on Blythe from now on, though it will be faceups only, no carving or modifications as I'm still learning.

Here are all the things this girl has endured so far in her life:

Original Stock doll: Simply Guava
Face sanding
Lip carving
Nose and lip additive apoxie sculpting
Scalp change (modified Simply Peppermint scalp - bangs added)
Gaze correction
Sleep eyes
Body swap (Pure Neemo Flection M)
Hand painted eyechips by Chantilly Lace

This is another Hobby Lobby doll furniture find. The scale is a little off for 1/6th scale as with most stuff from Hobby Lobby, but it works in a pinch, especially as an oversized 'adult' piece with Yosd sizes. Though the chair I have is too small! And that's the big issues I guess, not that the dolls fit, but that all the 1/6th scale props won't quite fit.

I originally bought with Blythe in mind though so I'm thinking I might cut about a centimetre off the legs to bring it down a bit. Can't complain though, it was half off to start but was also the last one left and had a missing drawer handle (which I replaced with a metal bead so no biggie), so I took it home for $9. Which would probably be on cost because HL prices can be silly.

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